Huzzah!!! its the first of May!!

Posted on by chris

Hello you lot,

its been a while I know, but we have been so busy with planning a …………………………brand new 4 track EP!!!

Yes, we have whittled down the tracks to 4 songs we feel are a current representation of our newest material, and ones that have been well received live.

We are currently in talks with the lovely Laura-Anne Rogers who is responsible for our debut album artwork, and she is on the task of creating a beautiful bit of photographic artwork to soon grace your eager, sweaty palms.

We have also been offered a fantastic deal at Gargleblast Studios, working with the hugely talented Andy Miller, and recording commences on the 19th of May.

Support slots with some of our fave acts are being pursued by the bold lads at Woosh Entertainments Ltd, and replies have been fruitful so far……

So, busy boys are we, we probably wont be gigging until after EP is recorded, but we shall be constantly updating YouTube and Facebook pages with rants, rambles and grunts for your enjoyment.

Thats all for now, cheerio!


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2 Responses to Huzzah!!! its the first of May!!

  1. Andy gear says:

    Great news about the studio, you better change the date for the studio in your gig section as your a month out. I’m looking forward to the new E.P. & the next album when you get round to it

    • chris says:

      Thanks Andy, consider it changed.

      EP is shaping up nicely, some nice wee treats to be added to every song, so listen hard when you get one…

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