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10 Responses to Contact

  1. Nick says:

    Just heard tracks from your album on ‘Three from Leith’ podcast. Great stuff.

  2. Hi

    I was a judge at the Edinburgh Folk Club Songwriting Competition and enjoyed your songs very much – keep writing, you have a wonderful voice!

    Best wishes.

    • chris says:

      Thank you very much Madelaine for your kind words. It was a great experience not having been in the folk bracket for very long. It showed how much talent is around in Embra’ and was frankly very humbling.
      Stay tuned for more songs on our new EP ‘Raise the Coin’ coming out soon, and hopefully you shall see me (us) performing very soon.
      Thanks again for ur lovely message, its made my day.

      Chris Blair, TDW’s

  3. Robert Munro says:

    I was recomended to listen to your album ” Away Boys Away” enjoyed it very much. Would like to get a copy of.your first album and a copy for my friend, can you advise if they can be purchased and from where. Thank-you

  4. chris says:

    Where did the spennymoor song come from,this is how we heard of the group cos we live in spennymoor.

    • chris says:

      Hey Chris, how you doing? thanks for contacting us.
      ‘Spenny was chosen as the subject as it had the correct facets that suited the song. The Mining history was the most important, but the beautiful name itself was a big factor. ‘Spennymoor’ is a lovely word to say, it rolls smoothly, and when singing that can be a big issue.
      It looked right on paper, sounded right onstage and had everything we needed to give the focus of the Miners plight and hardships.
      Hope this helps Chris, if you’d like anymore info, lyrics or just a wee enquiry, just give us a message, or find us on our facebook page and contact us there. (dont forget to give us a wee ‘like’).
      Thanks again, enjoy the tunes!

      Chris – TDW’s

  5. Hi Guys, love the music listened to you on Radio Saltire on Madelaines’ slot. I am the guy who books the acts for our Traditional music festival. we’ve been on the go for 25 years and as always on the look out for new and fitting acts. I would like to have our committee listen to your sound, any chance of forwarding me some costs? to my e-mail? Cheers Johnny.

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