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  1. Mike Harding says:

    Can u stick me on your list of friends please – playing rescue flare on the show 17th Nov
    Cheers M

    • chris says:

      We certainly will Mike.
      Would like to offer our thanks for giving the Winters a plug on your brilliant show, we all enjoy it very much indeed.
      Thanks again!
      Chris – TDW’s

  2. David Chaytor says:

    Where did you get the inspiration for the ‘Mines of Spennymoor’.
    You should come down for the Durham Miners Gala (the Big Meeting) on the 2nd Saturday in July and march in with the Spennymoor Miners’ Lodges Banner.
    It would be a day to remember for you!

    • chris says:

      Hey David, thanks for checking us out, and for your suggestion. That may be something we will have to chase up!

      ‘Spenny was chosen as the subject as it had the correct facets that suited the song. The Mining history was the most important, but the beautiful name itself was a big factor. ‘Spennymoor’ is a lovely word to say, it rolls smoothly, and when singing that can be a big issue.
      It looked right on paper, sounded right onstage and had everything we needed to give the focus of the Miners plight and hardships.
      More into the inspiration, Im not sure. My inspiration for writing about these places, facts, stories are generally followed by a bit of research into the chosen topic, and trying to obtain of the moment accounts from the involved people to get into the emotional zone that they would have encountered.
      Hard work, but very satisfying.
      Thanks again for your interest, and hope thats helped a little.
      Chris – TDW’s

      • david chaytor says:

        Hi chris – thanks for getting back to me. It is a lovely word – except if you are from South West Durham! There were at least 8 pits in and around Spennymoor at various times between 1840 and 1974 and over 300 men and boys killed. Bit of a grim owld place if truth be told. Keep it going… David

        • chris says:

          Hey David.
          Yup, it were a grim old business with some awful stories and accounts. Some of them gave me nightmares after reading, especially the poor working conditions for children and the suffering they had to endure.
          Thanks for the info, most appreciated. And if you have anymore suggestions for song topics, fire away, we love a wee challenge.

          Thanks again David, lovely to have spoken to you (of a fashion).
          Enjoy the tunes.

          Chris – TDW’s

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