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The Deadly Winters - Ever Onwards

“... deep philosophy and a distinctly Scottish feel.  Ever Onwards is a really classy piece of work and comes highly recommended.”

“EVER ONWARDS is laudable proof that independent music can pack a punch. The Deadly Winters put their sound on the line and deliver a freshly resolute and entertaining packed package. A trusted style underpins the record, while the band add a polish that meets with approval.” Three Chords and The Truth

“... excellent album. If you like Twenty Years, you'll love the rest of the album. There's a cracking video which I urge you to check out.” Scots Whay Hae!

Begun in 2019 and plagued by band illness, worldwide panic, studio closures, travel restrictions and the occasional heavy shower, no one would fail to forgive us for giving up.

But we didn't, and thank the gods of music!

Possibly because of the endless trauma throughout the recording, ‘ever onwards’ has emerged triumphant from the ashes.

Songs of beauty, sentiment, the pure joy of nature and the raucous celebration of life itself, ‘ever onwards’ is without question the undeniable front runner of our catalogue to date.

In May 2023 we marked our return by releasing a reworking of the traditional folk song “The Cuckoo”, managing to slip it seamlessly and comfortably into our distinctly styled musical canon.

Come July, BBC Radio Scotland’s Travelling Folk show made ‘The Cuckoo’ their BBC Introducing song of the week.

Frontman and songwriter Chris Blair: “There are many quite beautiful moments in this record, and we're very proud as a band to have created it. The songs have now reached a level of maturity and depth; it almost sounds too good to be us....”

The ‘ever onwards’ release is accompanied by a brand new video for the song ‘Twenty Years’ created by up and coming film and documentary maker Rory Easton.









"…this is acoustic folk at its absolute best" Rhythm and Booze

"Great arrangements. Great singing. Songs are really, really strong. A really interesting band." Mike Harding 

“Sunny, good-time vibes, immediately catchy hooks and a chorus to holler. Festival nirvana.” fRoots

“The title track may be about a table but you’ll be using it for dancing on.” The Daily Record

“A serious prospect for both daytime radio and mainstream festivals.” Scotland On Sunday

“An undeniably appealing and really very catchy folk-rock record.” Rave Child

“Full of emotion… showing the band’s range of talent.” Scottish Fiction

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